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Foods to avoid so your teeth will not stain

 A teeth stain is a common problem especially for those who do not take care of oral hygiene properly. The type of food that you eat has a lot to do with that. Pigmented residue from the food builds up in the protein that covers the teeth generally called enamel. That is why people often select teeth whitening Manchester.  

Which food to avoid to get rid of teeth stain? 

Specific types of food and drink result in teeth staining mentioned by dentist Didsbury. Some of them are given below. 

Tea and coffee

We take tea and coffee on a regular basis unaware of their effects on our teeth. They both contain tannins which is the reason behind the staining. Some of the studies say that adding milk to tea and coffee can limit their staining ability. 


Tomato sauces are what we all prefer with our snacks. However the pigment present in tomatoes which gives them deep red color has super abilities for teeth staining. They should be used to a limit.

Fruit juices

Dark color fruit juices are known for causing a stain on teeth. The dentist Didsbury says chunks of food present in the juice also take part in staining. Apple cider vinegar is used by people widely but it also contributes to teeth staining. 


Food and drinks are very active in teeth staining. Always remember to rinse your mouth after eating or drinking anything. Use straws for the juices and apple cider vinegar so your teeth whitening Manchester process will be quick.